How can a digital object be unique? This is the problem that NFTs are trying, and failing, to solve. Instead of creating unique digital objects they have created the equivalent of the International Star Registry. And for this poor approximation of true uniqueness we are paying with massive amounts of carbon emissions at a time when we need more than anything to reduce them.

But now there is an alternative. UnFT will provide you with a truly unique digital object in the form of an image that you and you alone will have access to. When you press the button below you will be taken to one of a thousand unique images generated by a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN), and after it has been displayed to you it will be deleted from the server, leaving you with the only remaining version of the image.

There will be no blockchain supporting your ownership of this image, and as it is digital it can be endlessly copied, but as long as you do not decide to share the image, you will have the only version. It is not non-fungible, but it is at this time un-funged.